James: Movement and Song

Movement and music celebration with James Boag

23rd and 28th April 2020

In this evening session we will use yogic movement and song with a specific intention of inviting new neurological connections, invigorating the physiology and practising ‘changing our minds’.

In this unique session, James will share an inclusive vision of yoga that invites all parts of ourselves to collaborate in making the present moment its own fullness and reward.

We will explore ways to foster new neurological connections and more balanced activation/stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain. We will experience how we can use movement to tonify the brain and holistic intelligence. And, we will take recourse to the yoga of sound and song, using the practice of kirtan and the sounds of Sanskṛt to cleanse and referesh the parts of the system that other techniques are not always able to so easily.

About James
Originally from the UK, James Boag teaches yoga and applied yoga philosophy globally.
James is known for his storytelling, his rich kirtans, deep meditations, principle-based approach to āsana and movement, and for bringing the timeless wisdom of the traditional scriptural teachings vividly into the context of our lives today. He has been teaching for over twenty years, teaching yoga since 2003 and leading integrated programs on applied yoga philosophy around the world since 2009. He regularly returns to Mysore in South India where he completed his MA in Sanskrit, to lead courses on the Bhagavad Gītā, Yoga Sūtra-s and Indian Mythology.

james boag yoga youtube channel

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Venue: Jemný Svět, Chopinova 10, Praha 2 www.jemnysvet.cz
Time: 23rd 18:45– 20:45, 28th 19:15– 21:15
Price: 500 CZK
Registration: ohni.ohen@gmail.com